Photography FAQ

Flower Mound, Fort Worth, Dallas Senior Photography

Can I build a custom package?

Absolutely! If you don't see a package on our price list page that suits you, don't hesitate to contact us so we can put something together that meets your needs.

What should I consider wearing for my shoot?

Whether you want to be stylish, casual or laid-back, do it! Be sure that all the clothing you choose to bring fits, and that it represents your style! Clothing and styles out of your comfort zone will come across on your photos. For the ladies, please accessorize! Just remember that if you do bring a hat(s), don't wear them to the shoot or you'll have some hat hair going on.  Layers always look good, even in the warmer months, and add nice dimension. If you're planning 1-3 outfits, bring 5! If planning 2-4 outfits, bring 6! You'll get a good feel for what you want to wear as the session proceeds. Check out my full list of "strongly advised" preparation tips by clicking the button below!

Families, no need to show up for your family portrait session with everyone in jeans and a black top! Colors that blend with each other will give you the best look, and result. 

What about hair and makeup?

I have a great pair of hair and makeup artists in Flower Mound that I recommend. Taking senior portraits is a big deal for your teen, and I recommend spending a bit extra to have them camera ready, and looking fabulous. 95% of all seniors have their hair and makeup professionally done.

If you choose to do it on your own, click on the Session Preparation Tips button above, or scroll down, for what to do.

When do I get to see the photos from my session?

Within 1-2 weeks, I will have your previews ready! During the busy months March - May and October - December, it could take 2-3 weeks.

What kind of camera gear do you use?

I shoot with the finest in mirrorless gear, the Sony A7III and A7RIII. My lens kit includes the Sony G-Master 16-35MM, G-Master 24-70MM, G-Master 70-200MM, Zeiss Batis 85MM, and other Sony/Zeiss prime lenses.

Can I choose location(s) for my shoot?

Absolutely! If you need suggestions, I have many Flower Mound, Fort Worth, or Dallas photography locations both urban and countryside we can discuss!

Senior Portrait "Get Ready" Tips

Photoshoot tips


1.  Sleep.  Get plenty of rest the night before and don’t stress! Photoshoots are fun, and we will have a great time together! EAT before your session so you’re not hungry and feeling like you’re going to pass out. If you are bringing family or friends to your session, please limit to one family member, one friend, and no children! If you’re all traveling together to the shoot, be sure they’re aware we’ll be photographing for 2 - 3 hours.

2.  Skin.  AVOID SUNBURN! Distinct tan lines are not the easiest to remove and will result in an extra touch-up fee and processing delays. If you’re burned, we will need to reschedule. Spray tans can make you look orange in portraits, especially at the elbows and knees so I suggest avoiding them. 

3.  Acne.  Fear not! Blemishes can and will be removed in post-processing. Please see below regarding severe acne.

4.  Shaving.  Seems obvious, but don’t forget your legs and underarms! Guys shave your face unless you usually wear the two-day stubble look and are CERTAIN you (and your Mom) want this look in your portraits.

5.  Glasses. If you wear glasses and want to wear them for your portraits, please consider having the lenses removed for the photoshoot. Glass glare can be removed, but there will be an extra charge and it slows post-processing down, sometimes dramatically.

6.  Braces.  Braces can be removed from your portraits for an extra charge. If you will be having them removed soon, consider scheduling after they have been removed.

7.  Birthmarks and Scars. Both can be removed at your request. Let me know your thoughts during your photoshoot.


•  Wear what you would normally wear, as in, the style that fits and flows with your personality but also takes it up a level. Accessorize away! Belts, scarfs, hats, necklaces or other accessories. Just be sure that the accessory does not distract from you. Mix up your clothing from dressy to casual and if you do bring a hat or hats, don’t wear them to the shoot or you’ll end up with hat hair!  Check out my gallery for ideas and also consult Pinterest! Bring shoes for each outfit, and then some!

•  Try your clothing on in advance to be sure it fits comfortably and is flattering. Bend over, sit down, etc. and make sure that you don’t have skin showing where it shouldn’t be.

•  Bring your clothing on hangars and make sure each piece of clothing is clean and wrinkle-free.

•  Color of clothing; wear a solid color or something with a splash of color to it for a nice contrast in your photos. Bring a variety of colors – not 3 black outfits!

•  Avoid horizontal stripes, loud patterns, and shirts with writing or big logos on the front, unless that’s truly what you want. Clothing should highlight you, not the clothing!

•  Ladies be sure to wear or bring the appropriate undergarments that will not show in your photos. Bra strap removal is an additional cost.

•  Clothing too baggy, or WAYYYY too tight will probably not result in the look you want!

•  Remember that during outdoor sessions in particular locations (urban), I may not be able to set up the mobile changing station, so plan accordingly as you will probably be changing in the car or behind a blanket being held up. Wearing a tank underneath can speed up changes in public places!

What to Bring:

•  Props are always great and help tell the story of you! Band instruments, baseball and glove, volleyball, football and helmet, sports uniform, etc. If you want sports type portraits as part of your package, let me know in the questionnaire and I can attempt to make arrangements to access your high school stadium, no promises on this! Also, of you have your class ring or any of your planned college of attendance gear, bring it as well!

•  Want a picture with your new car?! I can do it, just make sure it is clean inside and out!

•  Touch-up accessories like lip balm, lipstick, powder, hairspray, brush, comb. Guys, we will use powder on you to eliminate shine so have your Mom bring some! SHINE IS THE ENEMY!

•  A great attitude! This should be fun! Don’t stress, you’re going to have a good time and if the weather doesn’t cooperate, we will reschedule!

•  Power bars, snacks and water! I’m a registered pediatric nurse, but I’d prefer not to have to provide you aid because you’re hypoglycemic and dehydrated! If you are diabetic, bring whatever you’ll need to make it through the shoot!

Hair & Makeup for Senior Pictures

Getting ready for your senior portraits means hair and makeup. I have professionals you can use, or you can do it yourself. 95% of all seniors choose a hair & makeup artist to assure the right look, but it’s not required.

These are some of the benefits of letting a pro do your hair & makeup:

•  The pros have experience in makeup application for photography

•  They understand how makeup appears in the camera

•  They have high-quality products in every shade imaginable

•  They understand how to contour your face, and choose colors that highlight your best features

•  They take the stress out of worrying if it’s going to be “right!”!

If hair & makeup is not in your budget, I definitely recommend the professional makeup application. If neither is in your budget, I have some tips below for doing them yourself!

Makeup: (Very Important)

•  Apply eye and lip makeup slightly darker than normal. Cameras don’t pick up the contrast & definition our eyes see in person.

•  Avoid makeup with SPF, lotions, and moisturizers & mineral makeup. While great for everyday use, they create an unflattering shine and SHINE IS THE ENEMY!

•  Don’t layer on. Heavily layered makeup collects around the bottom of the nose, and other places, and results in post-processing delays and additional fees to remove.

•  Set foundation with a translucent powder that reduces shine. SHINE IS THE ENEMY, and very hard to reduce in post-processing. Heavy shine will result in extra fees to remove.

•  Moisturize those lips well in advance of your photoshoot! You might not normally wear lipstick, but it’s a must for your session, even if it’s a shade close to your natural lip color.

•  Mascara is a must. Clean, not clumpy, and not too heavy. At least 1 coat, 2 if you normally wear mascara.

•  Eye shadow. Use a medium or dark, rich tone. Browns and golds are pretty safe! Pastel eye shadows will tend to have a washed out look!

•  Avoid heavy black eyeliner, which can turn your eyes from big and beautiful to beady. We want to see those eyes and wemwill do a fair amount of tight-in shots to highlight them. 

•  Avoid any sparkles and shimmers, as they will show up as “a thousand points of light” on your face. Matte makeup photographs much better!


•  Please do not try a new cut, style, or color before your senior session! You may end up regretting the look.

•  Have your hair trimmed and any color touched up at least 7-10 days before your session. Guys, this means you to!

•  Keep your hair natural. If you have straight hair you can give it a light curl, which adds volume and framing for your face.

•  Even if you don’t normally use hairspray, use it for your session – especially on all those little flyaways. Just try not to overdo it with sticky products. We don’t want your hair flying away or completely stiff!

•  We’re going to be outside for a couple hours. If your hair tends to get frizzy, use products that help minimize the frizz!


•  Natural nails look great for portraits – just make sure they’re neatly trimmed, filed, buffed, and clean!

•  If you want painted nails, choose a light and neutral color that goes with all of your outfits. Blue and black is all the rage but think 10-20 years from now as these portraits will still be viewed then, by your kids, freaking out about how awesome their parents looked, and why you went with black nail polish?!

•  Chipped nails do not photograph well, so wait until the night before your session if you’re painting them! Stick-ons WILL fall off during your shoot!

•  Feet! Make sure they look great! They will be in many of the portraits! 

Most importantly, if you’ll be doing your own hair & makeup – do a trial run at least a week in advance. Have someone take pictures of you in daylight using the “portrait” mode on your phone and look at the pictures. Like what you see? Any makeup clumping? Any shine? Practice makes perfect!


•  Standard retouching includes light blemish and stray hair removal. Complex retouching includes such changes as the removal of tan lines, bra straps, scars or heavy blemishes. Photographer has the right to refuse any requested edits to the images. 

Retouching Rates - per Pose

Standard retouching  $10

Complex retouching  $25